Selling My Car at RM Auctions

Selling My Car at RM Auctions

My experience of selling my car at RM Auctions was really interesting and it was such an easy process that I thought I’d outline it here for you to see. The auction house allows you to bring your car to them during the week and the are open from 9-5. The car is then entered into the next available auction for that particular type of car. Not well there are a number of auctions with themes such as classic cars, collectibles and even modern SUVs.

RM Auctions

I had to make sure I took all my car documentation with me when I dropped the car off. I was then given a series of forms to complete which were quiet easy just requiring personal and banking details. As my car was a classic I was allowed to stipulate a reserve price for the car. I also found out that if I couldn’t get the car to the auction the auction house provided a collection service and a reasonable rate.

No Sale, No Fee with RM Auctions

One of the things I was impressed with was that if my car did not reach the reserve price and wasn’t sold then I did not have any fees to pay so it was a win, win situation. The staff were very experienced and made sure that my car was described well with all the marketing jargon that would get me the best possible price.

On the day of the auction I was unable to attend due to my work commitments however RM Auctions were great with this and kept me informed of the time my car would be put up. Once the action was over I immediately had a phone call from them telling me how much it had been sold for. I was really pleased at the competitive price I got for the car it was really more than I had expected.

The money was transferred with 48 hrs to my personal bank account. Now I am left with a very healthy bank account which I am eager to reinvest in my next classic car. Indeed I may try a trip to the auctions to try out the other side buying at auction.